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Typically, the workflow for body shop consulting works like this: the client needs some technical development work done so a consulting company is retained to find a candidate developer who can do the work.

In contrast, ScientifiCloud, is much more invested in the success of the actual project. Clients who hire a project firm like us know’s that all parties are focused on delivering a successful solution. We will provide business development strategy alongside with Luciano Kalatalo’s chief data senior expertise in order to achieve – or even surpass – our costumers goals.

With the body shop model, the only commitment is “We’ll provide a warm body, it’s up tou you to make it work.”.

We bring breakthrough connected products and services to life by redesigning people’s relationships with the world around them.

ScientifiCloud's Consulting

ScientifiCloud’s strategy experience and analytical expertise help build capabilities you need – not just mine data, but to turn it into actionable insights.

We offer advice on the strategic employment of blockchain technology based on a thorough analysis of your company’s profile whilst drafting along your ideas of development.

As a Machine Learning Consulting company, we offer end-to-end Machine Learning and AI software development. We will take care of your entire project from the data preparation to scalable deployment to production.

How do We Do?

ScientifiCloud’s methodology ia all about solve complex problems, and find desirable solutions for clients. Our design thinking approach draws upon logic, imagination, analytics, and systemic reasoning, to explore possibilities of what could be—and to create desired outcomes that benefit the end user.

Looking for a First-Class Consultant?

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